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Linda Gregory has been educating students in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Counselling as well as Mentoring and Supervising for over thirty years. Numerous students have effectively passed the Certified Transactional Analysis examination.

We have a wide variety of courses available where you can learn Transactional Analysis Theory at home on our eLearning platform.

As a qualified trainer, Dr Linda Gregory, TSTA, can instruct the official TA 101 course and issue certificates. On successful completion of the TA 101 course, you will receive your completion certificate, and this will allow you to apply for membership of ATAA or ITAA. You will then be able to continue to Advanced Training.

Gregory Institute - Transactional Analysis

Why do I like Transactional Analysis and Training?

Transactional Analysis is enjoyable and fascinating to teach, and simple to learn.

As a result, individuals can place what they discover into practice the very same day, leading to enhanced relationships, as well as individual development and understanding.

Several Transactional Analysis Psychotherapists and counsellors feel that TA has a spiritual element. Absolutely all human beings have an internal drive referred to as Physis. It is a drive to become all we can be, as well as grow and transform, and we understand that life remains in constant change.

Finding out how to live in the Now of Life, and understanding that we are all “okay” at our core level, is a focus on Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis Courses

Transactional Analysis Training is suitable for Individuals and Couples, Trainers, Therapists and Counsellors, Educators and Community Groups. Anyone who wants to improve his/her relationships with family, friends and work colleagues.

Managers, Team Leaders, Human Resouce, Health and Safety Personnel, Consultants and Trainers who want improved workplaces, working relationships and customer service will benefit from TA Training. The following is a complete list of courses offered by the Gregory Institute of Transactional Analysis Training.

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When it comes to understanding, explaining and treating human psychological issues, there is nothing like Transactional Analysis. The ground-breaking work of Dr Eric Berne lives on through the stringent and potent delivery of its theory and practice through highly certified teaching and supervising analysists.

In my firsthand experience of studying TA with the Gregory Institute of Transactional Analysis; I believe Dr Linda Gregory’s delivery of the course and its material to be second to none. I found the entire course from 101 to graduation to be a thoroughly enjoyable, easy to understand and well-paced.

I believe the combination of TA and the Gregory Institute to be a perfect platform for anyone who is serious about learning Transactional Analysis.

Tony Conley

I have learnt a great deal of powerful personal development skills and techniques. I am now able to pass on this information in our Community Group and would like to recommend Dr Linda’s courses.

Susan Wilkinson

Hi Linda, I’ve completed the videos, I find the material very applicable to my life and incredibly interesting. Conversations with my husband and some of my friends have been about TA.



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