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Eric Berne observed that no matter what people thought they were doing with their life, they all seemed driven to go a certain way to some pre-determined end. Each person decides in childhood a plan of how they will live and die, according to early life experiences, and what will happen in between; this is their script. This plan or script was nearly all decided before the age of six.

This script is a life drama that a person may be unaware of but feels compelled to live by. Each individual lives out their script within their own society, environment and family.   Cultures, families and individuals all have their own dramatic patterns; all follow plans or scripts of a way to be.

Each person’s script can be likened to a theatrical script having a cast of characters, acts, scenes, themes and plots which all move through to a climax and end with a final curtain-call or finish; this is the payoff of the script. As Shakespeare said, “all the world is a stage. “These scripts may resemble an adventure, tragedy, a dull play, a romance or a joyful comedy. These life dramas can vary in destructiveness, non-productiveness or constructiveness; each one is unique.

The good news is that negative scripts can be changed and new positive scripts can be put in place.