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Title: Past, Present, and Future; Clearing your Past, for living in the Present and manifesting your dreams and goals for the future.

The purpose of this workshop is to marry Spirituality and Science and to explore the applications of this marriage to Transactional Analysis (TA) treatment.

Our early stories create our Scripts, our personalities, which comprise our core beliefs about self, others, and life. Behaviour, feelings, relationships, health, and genes are all affected by our minds. What is the relationship between Spirituality, Universe, Science, Quantum Field, Quantum Energy, Epigenetics, God, Love, the Placebo effect? Who and what are we? What does I AM mean?

Learning to work consciously with the Quantum Field is, in my opinion, the next evolutionary step to Transactional Analysis treatment. I say consciously because we all, of course, have been using the Quantum Field all our lives. But not being consciously aware often has negative results. This will be a theoretical and experiential workshop. We will explore the applications of Spirituality and Science to TA treatment with ourselves and our clients. Applications for Psychotherapy, Counselling, Organizational and Education will be discussed.


Linda Gregory PhD is a TSTA, Psychotherapy and Counselling, with ITAA and ATAA.

Founder and Director of the Gregory Institute for Transactional Analysis, Linda has been training in Transactional Analysis for the past 36 years, as well as having a private Psychotherapy and Counselling practice in the Perth and Mandurah WA area. For the past ten years, Linda has been developing a Transactional Analysis Correspondence Course for students in remote areas and foreign countries. Linda has presented at several Australian and International conferences. Publication: 2008 – Book, Past, Present & Future. Clearing your past, for living in the Present, and manifesting your future dreams and goals. Gregory Institute of Transactional Analysis. Linda can be reached at

Introduction to Transactional Analysis, Spirituality and Science


Before you begin this course, I would like to give you some history of its’ development.

I have had a lifelong passion for learning about and pursing Spirituality. When I began training in Transactional Analysis (TA) in the 80s, I was interested in how TA and Spirituality relate to each other. Within TA theory, I was introduced to the topic of ‘Physis’. (Physis will be discussed during this course in depth).

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