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Eric Berne called a Transaction the unit of social intercourse. Any exchange of strokes is, therefore, a transaction.

A transaction consists of two strokes: a stimulus and a response. The stimulus is the message instigated by the sender and the response is the message returned by the receiver. Thus, a sender may ask: “What’s for dinner?” (stimulus) and a receiver may reply: “spaghetti” (response).

 What are Social Level Transactions?

Social level transactions are overt. They are the obvious words and gestures used which can be observed by anyone. Transactions can have a covert or hidden message.  These are psychological transactions.

In this Module, you will learn about what happens in communication, and how to maintain communication on a complimentary level. Learning these skills helps enormously to improve and maintain relationships of all descriptions. Partner, parent and child, friendships, and work relationships.


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